So, I’m adopted.

There. Grabbed your attention. :o)

I’ve always been adopted. My ‘adoptive’ parents, for lack of a more inpersonal word, are Denise and Dave. They adopted me, my brother B. and my sister, N. We had a younger sister, T. who wasn’t able to join our family adventures due to medical reasons. She went to live with another family and we lost touch.

I’ve been the sister who ventures around the internet looking up her name on google, and facebooking it. Finally, on Tuesday, I complained to my mom how impossible this has been. She laughs and says, “Oh. I have her adoptive mothers last name hanging around.” I roll my eyes. She always says this but I have yet to find the last name out. I tell her this and go to the bathroom. I come back to the living room and my mom is sitting on her chair, with a smirk, and tells me said last name.

Thats all it took? A little whine? Maybe add some cheese with it and I’d have a really good day. So the boyfriend and I grab our laundry and we head home. I’m clutching a piece of paper with the last name scrawled on it.

I 411 the last name. I call the first entry. Its them.

“What the fuck” is screaming through my mind. That easy? I’ve been re-united with my little sister?  B and N are in shock as well. What the hell? Wow.

T., the younger sister, is thrilled. So thrilled in fact, that she won’t… CAN’T, stop texting me. The first day she knew the color of my cell phone, how tall I was, and if my hair color was natural which it obviously is.

The next day, she utters the L word. What the fuck x10. She loves me? Yes, I get it. You love your siblings. But she doesn’t even *know* me. I could be a puppy killer for all she knows. I’m going to be honest, I freaked. I downright flipped out and backed off.

I’m not saying when the going gets tough, I bolt. But man, when the going gets THAT tough, I’m just whizzing past you. N., my older sister, is absolutely thrilled and proclaiming her love to her as well. I feel rejected and withdrawn because I’m not at that stage. Damn my parents for giving me boundaries- I guess.

So now, T. believes that I ‘don’t like her’. Its not that. I just thought it would be a weekend visit with awe of how alike we look and a quick ciao with maybe a kiss on the cheek. I wasn’t expecting…. a sister. A little sister to be exact. It’s kind of like buying a dog and thinking its as easy to train as a cat. Once the puppy comes home, your in ‘what the fuck’ country all over again.

We meet on Monday. I’m petrified. I’ve cried in my SUV for over an hour and missed an appointment. I’ve called my counsellor and set up a emergency meeting.

Oh fuck.


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CYC whattt!

I work as a Child and Youth Care Worker. I went to Grant MacEwan College and got my schoolin’ done…My job is awesome. I work with at-risk street smart youth and teenagers.

 Today, I am doing the planning for a snowboarding trip, yesterday, I drove 2 hours out of the city to bring a youth to a family members gravesite.

As we pull up to Tim Hortons, I ask her gravely (no pun, no pun!) what she wants. I’m rambling off my usual “Extra large double-double, yogart Parfait…” and she pipes in with, ‘Egg Salad sandwich” to which I begin to repeat… “and a egg salad sand..- what the hell, its 7 in the morning..?!?!”

She laughs hysterically. I stare at her in a WTF sense and then begin laughing…

My job is awesome.

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Aunt Joannies Bathroom Reader!

I just sent my mom an e-mail that said, “So I’m reading this book and I just found out that if a man has sex 3 times a week, his risk of heart attack goes down by 50%. Wish we knew that earlier eh? I bet you do.”


(my dad died from a heartattack in 2004)

I’m reading the most absorbing book that I got for Christmas. My in-laws gave it to me and at first, I smirked because its called, “YOU; Being Beautiful.” It is a self help book but that almost hysterical part of this is that I’m a hippy-orientated, freedom loving, and dirty underwear wearing.. Just kidding.

… But truth be told, I’m not the doing-the-hair, designer-wearing girl. I’m the tousled morning hair-coffee moving- ADHD and freedom loving girl taking life by the seat of her pants.

Anyways.. So I got this book and needless to say, it lived in my cold SUV for the last month. Oddly, I cleaned my vehicle out and it ended up in my arms and on my dining table. While coffee-guzzling, I flipped through it sporadically… and I liked it. Its bohemian orientated. Watch.

*flips to random page*

i. Quiz for finding your personality.

*flips to another page*

ii. Diagram to show you how to find your g-spot. *giggles*

*again, flip!* poses.

*flippity flip!*

iiii. Benifits of owning a dog and the companship it offers you…

v.  back pain information…

… This is the Uncle Johns bathroom reader for women. In that odd sentence, I found out where I’m going to keep it…!!!

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Obama is moon over Mumbai!

I am as clueless as Amelia Bedelia on a good day when it comes to politics and world happenings. I am commited to read and other various outlets to self educate and properly socialize. I am 22 and it is high time for grown up conversations instead of the usual, “Did you know she slept with her brother?” conversations that are ridiculous at best. Maybe, if I get super evolved into the high-end world of happenings, I may just have to buy the occasional newspaper!

My other resolution is to wear nailpolish as much as possible. I just recently found grey nailpolish and I’m pretty dang tootin’ estatic!

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Fenris and the purple nail polish.


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Consignment Shopping

Yesterday, in exchange for an evening with World of Warcraft, my boyfriend handed me 20$ and directed me to Stasia, the consignment store down the street from where we live. I happily left the house while he slayed pretend dragons!

My boyfriend and I are getting professional photos taken for Valentines Day. I take full credit for this awesome idea. We have decided to wear white top and jeans but.. that might change. I couldn’t decide on what I loved most so I bought them all. Consignment rocks because I stayed under 20$!

Check out my newly aquired treasure:

clothes-039{This was something I just grabbed in a rash decision. It reminded me of those morning after photos- with the gal in th mans shirt. I’m not sure about wearing this to the photos but I definately had to have it. I knew that much.}


{This photo was taken by my boyfriend. The neck is actually a v-design, I just had a t-shirt on and it made it appear different. This photo made me realize how much Fenris (dog) blends in with our shirts, white on white?!}






{Part of me is screaming that this simple gorgeous dress is the one I should wear but the plan was to wear jeans… Maybe some brown boots and leggings would compliment his jeans!}

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I give a shi..rt.

give_a_shirt_logo_teeI was watching the fashion files and I heard of this Canadian Designer named Melissa Blyth of Vancouver, British Columbia.

She has created a ‘green’ project intersected with fashion. They have made these fabulous prints on organic t-shirts and other means of clothing. I can’t remember perfectly but I believe that a certain percentage is going to help out the inner city thrive with jobs and other means of support.

As a child and youth care worker, this is a very cool endevor. The fact I am a GREEN child and youth care worker, A+.

Gotta go, xo!


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